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Psikologi Industri Organisasi – Bisnis 2

  1. 20 Minutes to a Top Performer: Three Fast and Effective Conversations to Motivate, Develop, and Engage Your Employees. Alan Vengel 2010
  2. 90 Days to a High-Performance Team: A Complete Problem-solving Strategy to Help Your Team Thirve in any Environment. Chris DeVany 2010
  3. A Kick in the Attitude: An Energizing Approach to Recharge your Team, Work, and Life. Sam Glenn 2010
  4. A Systems Approach to Leadership: How to Create Sustained High Performance in a Complex and Uncertain Environment. Geoffrey W. Coffey 2010
  5. Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies. Vivian Scott 2010
  6. Corporate Boards: Managers of Risk, Sources of Risk. Robert W. Kolb 2010
  7. Cultural Implications of Knowledge Sharing, Management and Transfer: Identifying Competitive Advantage. Deogratias Harorimana 2010
  8. Dealing with Difficult People, Rev. 1st Ed. Roy Lilley 2010
  9. Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Volume 1: Instructional Design and Training Delivery. Kenneth H. Silber 2010
  10. Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Volume 2: Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions. Ryan Watkins 2010
  11. Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, Volume 3: Measurement and Evaluation. James L. Moseley 2010
  12. How To Say It for First-Time Managers: Winning Words and Strategies for Earning Your Team’s Confidence. Jack Griffin 2010
  13. Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give It Their All, and They’ll Give You Even More. Mark Murphy 2010
  14. Hyperformance: Using Competitive Intelligence for Better Strategy and Execution. T. J. Waters 2010
  15. Indispensable By Monday: Learn the Profit-Producing Behaviors that will Help Your Company and Yourself. Larry Myler 2010
  16. Inner Excellence: Achieve Extraordinary Business Success through Mental Toughness. Jim Murphy 2010
  17. Innovative Lean Development: How to Create, Implement and Maintain a Learning Culture Using Fast Learning Cycles. Timothy Schipper 2010
  18. Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs, 2nd Ed. David Parmenter 2010
  19. Leading at a Higher Level, Revised and Expanded Edition: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations. Ken Blanchard 2010
  20. Manager’s Guide to Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Teams. Charles Prather 2010
  21. Mass Customization for Personalized Communication Environments: Integrating Human Factors. Constantinos Mourlas 2010
  22. Organizational Behavior: Securing Competitive Advantage. John A. Wagner III 2010
  23. Perfect Phrases for Writing Employee Surveys: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases to Help You Create Surveys Your Employees Answer Honestly, Completely, and Helpfully. John Kador 2010
  24. Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence, 2nd Ed. Harold Kerzner 2010
  25. Super Staying Power: What You Need to Become Valuable and Resilient at Work. Jason Seiden 2010
  26. Team Roles at Work, 2nd Ed. R Meredith Belbin 2010
  27. The Big Book of Team-Motivating Games: Spirit-Building, Problem-Solving and Communication Games for Every Group. Mary Scannell 2010
  28. The Communication Problem Solver: Simple Tools and Techniques for Busy Managers. Nannette Rundle Carroll 2010
  29. The Manager’s Guide to Maximizing Employee Potential: Quick and Easy Strategies to Develop Talent Every Day. William J. Rothwell 2010
  30. The Oxford Handbook of Participation in Organizations. Adrian Wilkinson 2010
  31. Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results. Mike Rother 2010
  32. A Practical Guide to Job Analysis. Erich P. Prien 2009
  33. Am I The Only Sane One Working Here?: 101 Solutions for Surviving Office Insanity. Albert J. Bernstein 2009
  34. Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management: An Evidence-Based Guide to Delivering High Performance, Fourth Edition. Michael Armstrong 2009
  35. Developing Exemplary Performance One Person at a Time. Michael Sabbag 2009
  36. Dresden Teamwork Concept for Medical High Risk Organizations. Axel R. Heller 2009
  37. Employee Engagement: A Roadmap for Creating Profits, Optimizing Performance, and Increasing Loyalty. Brad Federman 2009
  38. Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All Your Employees: How to Ignite Passionate Performance for Better Business Results. Lee J.Colan 2009
  39. Essential Tools for Organisational Performance: Tools, Models and Approaches for Managers and Consultants. Simon A. Burtonshaw-Gunn 2009
  40. Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results. Geoffrey M. Bellman 2009
  41. First Things Fast: A Handbook for Performance Analysis, 2nd Ed. Allison Rossett 2009
  42. Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence: Best Practices, Case Studies, and Strategies. Marcia Hughes 2009
  43. Human Resource Management: A Critical Introduction. David G. Collings 2009
  44. Intrinsic Motivation at Work: What Really Drives Employee Engagement, 2nd Ed. Kenneth W. Thomas 2009
  45. Learning from Burnout: Developing sustainable leaders and avoiding career derailment. Tim Casserley 2009
  46. Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works, 2nd Ed. Cindy Ventrice 2009
  47. Managing Politics at Work: The Essential Toolkit for Identifying and Handling Political Behaviour in the Workplace. Aryanne Oade 2009
  48. Missing Pieces: 7 Ways to Improve Employee Well-Being and Organizational Effectiveness. Jean- Pierre Brun 2009
  49. P2 – Performance Management: Managerial Level, 6th Edition (CIMA Official Learning System). Jo Avis 2009
  50. Performance Intelligence at Work: The 5 Essentials to Achieving The Mind of a Champion. Julie Bell 2009
  51. Performance Management : Putting Research into Action. James W. Smither 2009
  52. Performance Management for Different Employee Groups: A Contribution to Employment Systems Theory. Achim Krausert 2009
  53. Perspectives on Managing Employees. Michael A. Fina 2009
  54. Pomodoro Technique Illustrated: The Easy Way to Do More in Less Time. Staffan N�teberg 2009
  55. Powered by Feel: How Individuals, Teams, and Companies Excel. James G.S. Clawson 2009
  56. Reframing Change: How to Deal with Workplace Dynamics, Influence Others, and Bring People Together to Initiate Positive Change. Jean Kantambu Latting 2009
  57. Teamwork and Collaboration in Early Years Settings. Mary Stacey 2009
  58. The Art of Quantum Planning: Lessons from Quantum Physics for Breakthrough Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership. Gerald Harris 2009
  59. The Bully at Work: What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job, 2nd Ed. Gary Namie 2009
  60. The Busy Manager’s Guide to Delegation. Richard A. Luecke 2009
  61. The Equal Opportunities Handbook: How to Recognise Diversity, Encourage Fairness and Promote Anti-Discriminatory Practice, 4th Ed. Phil Clements 2009
  62. The Right Leader: Selecting Executives Who Fit. Nat Stoddard, Claire Wyckoff 2009
  63. The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life. Steve Zaffron 2009
  64. The Trouble with HR: An Insider’s Guide to Finding and Keeping the Best People. Johnny C. Taylor 2009
  65. Working with the Enemy: How to Survive and Thrive with Really Difficult People. Mike Leibling 2009
  66. Building High-Performance People and Organizations (3 Volumes Set). Martha I. Finney 2008
  67. Diversity and Groups (Research in Managing Groups and Teams, Vol 11). Katherine W. Phillips 2008
  68. Getting Organized at Work: 24 Lessons for Setting Goals, Establishing Priorities, and Managing Your Time. Kenneth Zeigler 2008
  69. Handbook of Organizational Routines. Markus C. Becker 2008
  70. HRD Score Card 2500: Based on HRD Audit. T.V. Rao 2008
  71. Human Resource Handbook: A Guide to Effective Employee Management. Raymond A. Parker 2008
  72. Human Resource Management, 7th Ed. Derek Torrington 2008
  73. Human Resource Transformation: Demonstrating Strategic Leadership in the Face of Future Trends. William J. Rothwell 2008
  74. Managing and Delivering Performance: How government, public sector and not-for-profit organisations can measure and manage what really matters. Bernard Marr 2008
  75. Managing People in Sport Organizations: a strategic human resource management perspective. Tracy Taylor 2008
  76. Proving the Value of HR: How and Why to Measure ROI. Jack J. Phillips 2008
  77. Return on Investment in Meetings and Events: Tools and Techniques to Measure The Success of All Types of Meetings and Events. Jack J. Phillips 2008
  78. Solving the Compensation Puzzle: Putting Together a Complete Pay and Performance System. Sharon K. Koss 2008
  79. The Star Profile: A Management Tool to Unleash Employee Potential. Jathan Janove 2008
  80. Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior, 5th Ed. Jennifer M. George 2008
  81. Weathering Storms: Human Resources in Difficult Times. Society for Human Resource Management 2008
  82. Change to Strange: Create a Great Organization by Building a Strange Workforce. Daniel M. Cable 2007
  83. Co-Active Coaching, 2nd Ed: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and, Life. Laura Whitworth 2007
  84. Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present. Bob Johansen 2007
  85. Go Team!: Take Your Team to the Next Level. Ken Blanchard 2007
  86. Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages. Susan Ragsdale 2007
  87. Make Your Workplace Great: The 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization. Steven J. Stein 2007
  88. Managing Change: Learning Made Simple. Lesley Partridge 2007
  89. Managing Performance: Learning Made Simple. Corinne Leech 2007
  90. Partnership HR: New Norms for Effective Recruitment, Performance, and Training of Today’s Workforce. Irving H. Buchen 2007
  91. Psychological Capital: Developing the Human Competitive Edge. Fred Luthans 2007
  92. Rethinking Work: Are You Ready to Take Charge?. Cliff Hakim 2007
  93. Stop Pissing Me Off: What to Do When the People You Work with Drive You Crazy. Lynne Eisaguirre 2007
  94. Surrounded by Geniuses: Unlocking the Brilliance in Yourself, Your Colleagues and Your Organization. Alan S. Gregerman 2007
  95. The Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management. Peter Boxall 2007
  96. The ROI Fieldbook: Strategies for Implementing ROI in HR and Training. Patricia Pulliam Phillips 2007
  97. 50 Activities for Performance Appraisal Training. Wendy Denham 2007
  98. A Class with Drucker: The Lost Lessons of the World’s Greatest Management Teacher. William A. Cohen 2007
  99. A Climate of Success. Roderic Gray 2007
  100. A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment (Essential Knowledge Resource). Kavita Gupta 2007
  101. A Survival Guide for Working With Bad Bosses: Dealing With Bullies, Idiots, Back-stabbers, And Other Managers from Hell. Gini Graham Scott 2006
  102. Building Profit Through Building People: Making Your Workforce the Strongest Link in the Value-Profit Chain. Ken Carrig 2006
  103. Corporate Reputations, Branding and People Management: A Strategic Approach to HR. Graeme Martin 2006
  104. Emotion, Seduction and Intimacy: Alternative Perspectives on Organisation Behaviour, 1st Ed. Rory Ridley-Duff 2006
  105. Emotional Intelligence at Work: A Professional Guide, 3rd Ed (Response Books). Dalip Singh 2006
  106. HR Magazine Guide to Managing People. Lauren Keller Johnson 2006
  107. Introduction to Management Science, 9th Ed. Bernard W. Taylor III 2006
  108. Leading & Managing Occupational Therapy Services: An Evidence-based Approach. Brent Braveman 2006
  109. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling: Streamline Your Organization for a Lean Environment. Timothy C. Kister 2006
  110. Measuring What Matters: Simplified Tools for Aligning Teams and Their Stakeholders. Rod Napier 2006
  111. Mind Builders: Multidisciplinary Challenges for Cooperative Team-building and Competition. Paul Fleisher 2006
  112. Positive Performance Improvement: A New Paradigm for Optimizing Your Workforce. Richard F. Gerson 2006
  113. Results Rule!: Build a Culture That Blows the Competition Away. Randy Pennington 2006
  114. Sarbanes-Oxley and Nonprofit Management: Skills, Techniques, and Methods. Peggy M. Jackson 2006
  115. The Opt-Out Revolt: Why People Are Leaving Companies to Create Kaleidoscope Careers. Lisa A. Mainiero 2006
  116. The Team Building Activities Pocketbook. Paul Tizzard 2006
  117. Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for HR Professionals, Trainers, and Managers. Leonard D. Goodstein 2006
  118. Working With You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work. Katherine Crowley 2006
  119. A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 10th Edition. Michael Armstrong 2006
  120. A Handbook of Management Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Managerial Excellence and Improved Decision Making. Michael Armstrong 2006
  121. Discrimination at Work: The Psychological and Organizational Bases. Robert L. Dipboye 2005
  122. Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX. Phil Harkins 2005
  123. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 8th Ed. David A. DeCenzo 2005
  124. How Honesty Pays: Restoring Integrity to the Workplace. Charles E. Watson 2005
  125. Managing in Times of Change: 24 Lessons for Leading Individuals and Teams Through Change. Michael D. Maginn 2005
  126. Political Skill at Work: Impact on Work Effectiveness. Gerald R. Ferris 2005
  127. The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models and Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Conflict. Gary T. Furlong 2005
  128. The Positive Mental Attitude Pocketbook (The Pocketbook). Douglas Miller 2005
  129. The Trouble With Trust: The Dynamics of Interpersonal Trust Building. Frederique Six 2005
  130. Understanding And Managing Risk Attitude. David Hillson 2005
  131. A Survival Guide for Working With Humans: Dealing With Whiners, Back-Stabbers, Know-It-Alls, and Other Difficult People. Gini Graham Scott 2004
  132. Competency-Based Human Resource Management. David D. Dubois 2004
  133. Critical Testing Processes: Plan, Prepare, Perform, Perfect. Rex Black 2004
  134. Everyone Needs a Mentor: Fostering Talent in Your Organisation. David Clutterbuck 2004
  135. Get It, Set It, Move It, Prove It: 60 Ways To Get Real Results In Your Organization. Mark Graham Brown 2004
  136. How to Be Happy at Work: A Practical Guide to Career Satisfaction, 2nd Ed. Arlene S. Hirsch 2004
  137. Leveraging the New Human Capital: Adaptive Strategies, Results Achieved, and Stories of Transformation. Sandra Burud 2004
  138. Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce. David W. DeLong 2004
  139. Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd Ed. Robert Mecklenburg 2004
  140. Managing Psychological Factors in Information Systems Work: An Orientation to Emotional Intelligence. Eugene Kaluzniacky 2004
  141. Misbehavior in Organizations: Theory, Research, and Management. Yoav Vardi 2004
  142. Performance Management : Finding the Missing Pieces (to Close the Intelligence Gap). Gary Cokins 2004
  143. Roots to Power: A Manual For Grassroots Organizing, 2nd Ed. Lee Staples 2004
  144. The Resolving Conflict Pocketbook (Management Pocketbooks). Max A. Eggert 2004
  145. Winning with the Boss from Hell: A Guide to Life in The Trenches. Shaun Belding 2004
  146. Winning with the Employee from Hell: A Guide to Coaching and Motivation. Shaun Belding 2004
  147. Working PeopleSmart: 6 Strategies for Success. Mel Silberman 2004
  148. You Don’t Have to Do It Alone: How to Involve Others to Get Things Done. Richard H. Axelrod 2004
  149. Adaptive Coaching: The Art and Practice of a Client-Centered Approach to Performance Improvement. Terry R. Bacon 2003
  150. Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations. Marilyn J. Davidson 2003
  151. Making Creativity Practical: Innovation That Gets Results. Stan Gryskiewicz 2003
  152. Systems Thinking: Creative Holism for Managers. Michael C. Jackson 2003
  153. Taking Charge of Organizational Conflict: A Guide to Managing Anger and Confrontation. David Cowan 2003
  154. The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth. Clayton M. Christensen 2003
  155. The Project Management A-Z: A Compendium of Project Management Techniques and How to Use Them. Alan Wren 2003
  156. The Success Case Method: Find Out Quickly What’s Working and What’s Not. Robert O. Brinkerhoff 2003
  157. Time Management. Marc Mancini 2003
  158. Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Handbook of Cultural, Social Science, Management and Legal Perspectives. Michele Paludi 2003
  159. Capitalizing On Conflict: Strategies and Practices for Turning Conflict to Synergy in Organizations: A Manager’s Handbook. Kirk Blackard 2002
  160. Deliberate Success: Realize Your Vision with Purpose, Passion and Performance. Eric Allenbaugh 2002
  161. Harvard Business Review on Culture and Change. Bill Munck 2002
  162. Individual Differences and Development in Organisations. Michael Pearn 2002
  163. Innovation by Design: What It Takes to Keep Your Company on the Cutting Edge. Gerard H. Gaynor 2002
  164. Innovation Express. Dennis Sherwood 2002
  165. Oh Behave!: Reinforcing Successful Behaviors at Work and Home with Consequenses. Craig Muller 2002
  166. Psychological Management of Individual Performance. Sabine Sonnentag 2002
  167. Rethinking Performance Measurement: Beyond the Balanced Scorecard. Marshall W. Meyer 2002
  168. Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Manager’s Guide to Applying Systems Thinking. Dennis Sherwood 2002
  169. The Book of Agreement: 10 Essential Elements for Getting the Results You Want. Stewart Levine 2002
  170. The Innovative Individual. Michel Syrett 2002
  171. The Performance Appraisal Question and Answer Book: A Survival Guide for Managers. Dick Grote 2002
  172. Evaluation in Organizations: A Systematic Approach to Enhancing Learning, Performance, and Change. Darlene Russ-Eft 2001
  173. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. David Allen 2001
  174. Ideaship: How to Get Ideas Flowing in Your Workplace. Jack Foster 2001
  175. Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures. Project Management Institute 2001
  176. The Developing People Pocketbook (Management Pocketbook Series). Ian Fleming 2001
  177. The Human Resources Scorecard: Measuring the Return on Investment. Jack J. Phillips 2001
  178. Work Naked: Eight Essential Principles for Peak Performance in the Virtual Workplace. Cynthia C. Froggatt 2001
  179. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide): 2000 Edition. Project Management Institute 2000
  180. Evaluating Professional Development. Thomas R. Guskey 2000
  181. Project Change Management: Applying Change Management to Improvement Projects. H. James Harrington 2000
  182. Project Management Terms: A Working Glossary, 2nd Ed. J. LeRoy Ward 2000
  183. The Improving Efficiency Pocketbook. Philip Holman 2000
  184. The Inner Game of Work. W. Timothy Gallwey 2000
  185. Accountability in Human Resource Management. Jack J. Phillips 1999
  186. Challenging Women: Gender, Culture and Organization. Su Maddock 1999
  187. Human Resource Management, 9th Ed. Robert L. Mathis 1999
  188. The Facilitators Pocketbook (Trainer). John Townsend 1999
  189. The Problem Behaviour Pocketbook (Management Pocketbooks). Angelena Boden 1999
  190. The Self-Managed Development Pocketbook (Management Pocket Book Series). Fiona Elsa Dent 1999
  191. Working Relationships: The Simple Truth About Getting Along with Friends and Foes at Work. Bob Wall 1999
  192. Experiencing Human Resource Management. Christopher Mabey 1998
  193. Knowledge-Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from Japanese and United States Work Practices. Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld 1998
  194. Motivating People in Lean Organizations. Linda Holbeche 1998
  195. Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution. Heidi Burgess 1997
  196. Experiencing Organizations. Stephen Fineman 1996
  197. Human Resource Management: Key Concepts and Skills. Phil B Beaumont 1993
  198. Body Language in the Workplace. Julius Fast 1991
  199. Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach. R. Edward Freeman 1984
  200. Problem solving. Tudor Rickards 1980

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